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Let’s Talk All Things Digital

03 Jan 2014, Posted by William Newell in Technologies

I have been operating North South Studios since September 25, 2004. I have worked in digital publishing and content development for many years. I have transitioned from CD-I, to CD- ROM, and endured the OS wars between Apple and Microsoft. Today I actively develop and produce mobile apps for iOS and Android (with Google replacing Microsoft in the latest operating system battlefield). Having a software development company that functions like a small agency has provided me with amazing opportunities. I have worked on business oriented sites, learning products, interactive toys, games, mobile applications, implemented CMS’s and LMS’s, worked on Digital…

Invaders Game Coming Soon!

10 Oct 2013, Posted by William Newell in Invaders

Slay the Invaders and lead earth to victory! Invaders is an epic action shooter game. Battle through 14 action packed rounds of non stop action. Meet the funniest invaders ever and the most unlikely cast of heroes imaginable. Features Free to play 14 levels of non stop action 10 unique Slayers Digital Comic book Save cities around the world! Awesome and powerful power ups! Meet the coolest invaders ever! Coming soon! To experience more, visit