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Augmented Reality: Epson Moverio

26 Sep 2017, Posted by William Newell in Technologies

Having been talking about the future at different panels for the past three years, and researching, and prototyping, I am excited to write about the present in this post.

I am preparing for a panel I will moderate October 10, at Digital Hollywood at 12 Noon about AR. the next generation applications. I have always had great panelists and this year is no exception. Today I want to focus on Leon Laroue, Product Manager New Ventures, for the Epson Moverio line of smart eyewear products.

Yes, Epson. You probably know them for great projectors, printers, and other hardware devices. Well they have also entered the AR arena with the Moverio line. I am excited to learn about their technology since Epson definitely knows hardware.

My conversation with Leon was really interesting.  The first thing I learned is that Moverio AR smart eyewear products are commercially available today. You can pick them up at Amazon, for example. They have three models that include smart glasses for personal and enterprise/multi-user applications, and smart headsets for industrial applications. I also learned that these products support a wide range of commercial standards. You can learn more about this in their specifications page. This one is for the Moverio BT-300 model

Besides using Android as their development platform (more to come), some of the highlights include:

 A long life battery  (up to  6 hours)

 A light-weight (69g), truly wearable form factor

 Proprietary Si-OLED display technology, providing bright, HD (720p) picture

 Camera and various sensors for enabling AR experiences

 Support for applications that enable FPV for drone piloting

While the technology is impressive, but perhaps even more exciting, is their ISV program. Epson may have one of the most open ISV programs available in the AR world. This is great news for content developers, publishers, and entrepreneurs looking for opportunities to enter the AR expanding market.

If you want to learn more about this fantastic technology and meet Leon in person you can join us at my panel at Digital Hollywood this coming October 10, at 12 Noon , or join the live webcast. We’ll also be joined by Eric Travold (Avegant), Michael Leventhal (Holmes Weinberg PC, Formerly Magic Leap), Soulaiman Itani (Atheer), Tom Wesselman (Plantronics), and Mike Hildebrandt (DAQRI). Come and learn about how your company can be part of this technological revolution and tremendous business opportunity.

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