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9 Key Benefits of AR

11 Oct 2018, Posted by William Newell in Technologies
9 Key Benefits of AR

For the past three years I have been focused on augmented and mixed realities and to a lesser degree on virtual reality. I have conducted scores of demos, spoken at various conferences and immersed myself in these technologies. These experiences have led me to the following observations about the benefits of AR.

1. Customized Choices: personalization is essential for marketing and media now and AR provides it.

2. Engagement: AR offers a deep level of engagement visually and interactively. It is a must for retailers since it can provide just in time information at the point of sales.

3. Real Time: this is not new, but it is different in that we can combine digital and real-world content in real time.

4. Ability to Visualize Products: for retail and marketing this is essential for the future and growth of electronic content. You can see items you wish to buy in advance and even place them in your home or at the location where they would be used. This opens multiple possibilities for interior design, landscaping, renovation projects, and so much more.

5. Interactivity: AR offers new choices, users can interact with digital content and the real world at the same time.

6. Tracking: AR makes it possible for objects and print media to deliver the same or even better analytics than regular apps.

7. Recognition: the use of visual recognition technologies helps businesses connect in a more personal way with their customers, while reinforcing their brand marks and presence.

8. Education and Training: learning in general will never be the same. AR provides a high level of engagement; it is also social which is conducive to collaboration and team work or play.

9. Call for Action: AR is immersive and makes it easy to guide / take a user to a call for action, like making a purchase, learning more about something, etc.


AR and XR will continue to evolve at a fast pace. This means more choices, more features, and amazing possibilities for brands and companies, while delivering a superior engaging experience to end users.

If you want to learn more about how AR, MR, and VR are impacting the way companies do business please join me at Digital Hollywood this October 16 at 10AM for a fantastic session I will be joined by leading experts from Accenture, MediaMonks, Epson, Ryot, and Holmes Weinberg. We will distribute free to all session attendees a special PowerPoint containing forecasts, data, and information about AR. You can also check my blog for other XR articles and information.

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