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Augmented Reality has Reached the Tipping Point: 10 Tips to take advantage of AR

16 Oct 2019, Posted by William Newell in Technologies

We hear a lot about Extended Reality these days and, while neither AR or VR has reached maturity, AR is already having a significant impact on most business sectors. Retailers, advertisers, educators, travel experts, and more have begun to incorporate AR into their products, services, and marketing campaigns. In a couple of years, 5G will be a reality, at least for all of the US, and probably many countries in the European Union and Asia. If you are just learning about 5G and wondering how it is going to impact AR’s growth and subsequently your products or services, you are…

9 Key Benefits of AR

11 Oct 2018, Posted by William Newell in Technologies

For the past three years I have been focused on augmented and mixed realities and to a lesser degree on virtual reality. I have conducted scores of demos, spoken at various conferences and immersed myself in these technologies. These experiences have led me to the following observations about the benefits of AR. 1. Customized Choices: personalization is essential for marketing and media now and AR provides it. 2. Engagement: AR offers a deep level of engagement visually and interactively. It is a must for retailers since it can provide just in time information at the point of sales. 3. Real Time: this is…

Don’t Be Left Behind! 7 Tips to Develop an Extended Reality Strategy

15 May 2018, Posted by William Newell in Technologies

I remember that in the late 90’s everyone realized they needed to have a website. Unfortunately for some of the largest businesses it was too late. Many big retail stores failed to recognize the impact of the web for business. As a result of this lack of vision, chains like Bullocks, The Broadway, Robinsons, etc. closed down while newcomers like Amazon gained momentum every month. We all know the rest of the story. We are now once again at one of those key moments in history where a significant leap in technology is happening.  If you don’t believe it just…