Augmented Reality Highlights from Digital Hollywood—What We Learned!

22 May 2019, Posted by William Newell in Technologies
Augmented Reality Highlights from Digital Hollywood

I just finished day one at Digital Hollywood. What an exciting day! I had the honor of kicking off the day moderating an amazing panel with Raffaella Camera (Accenture), Tony Parisi (Unity), Olivier Koelemij (Media Monks), Nigel Tierney (Ryot), Silke Meixner (IBM), and Michael Leventhal (Holmes Weinberg). Our conversation focused on real use cases, opportunities and challenges, and what we can expect in the near future. We ended the session distributing a PowerPoint loaded with information about the industry, success stories and more. You can download a copy free (no tracking, no login, no sale J) by clicking here: and you can see the webcast of the session at Special thanks to Victor Harwood and his team for giving us a platform to inform people about this powerful technology.

Of course mine was not the only session and there was much more to see and learn at Digital Hollywood. I was able to attend several sessions focused on the delivery of holographic images, virtual reality, investors’ perspective on XR, and more. Nancy King’s session was very interesting. It focused on how AR and MR are transforming digital interaction. One of her panelists was Ariella Lehrer, the creator of the AR app for “Game of Games” for the Ellen Degeneres show. This use of AR was “smashing success” to quote Austin Powers. You can see the webcast of the session at the Digital Hollywood website.

For day two I am looking forward to Ted Cohen’s session on AR/VR/MR as new branding strategies, or as additions to your current strategy,. Among other panelists, Natasha French from VNTANA will participate.   Natasha’s company is one of the early pioneers delivering holographic images to consumers. If you attending DH, you should check it out!

My next stop is  Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara. I will be there for the entire event. If you are interested in learning about how AR can be an asset to your advertising or branding efforts, or if you need help formulating your strategy to use AR for your brand, products, or services please come to my session “How to Make Money with XR” I’ll be addressing how to make money with AR citing real experiences, oriented to the addressable market, with the most innovative approach and flexibility to create instant AR experiences, together with a marketing-friendly financial model.

I will also be available for meetings from 5/29 through 5/31 along with our company chairman, Paran Johar.  We look forward to seeing you and learning about how we can help you incorporate AR into your brand and offerings.

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