Augmented Reality Advertising Strategy—a Must!

20 May 2019, Posted by William Newell in Technologies
Augmented Reality Advertising Strategy—a Must!

If you are working in marketing, advertising, PR, or retail, now is the time to develop an AR strategy for your brands and clients.  Everyone knew that AR was a powerful tool for gaming when Pokemon became an amazing success and created a billion dollar company in just 60 days.  And today, the success stories in retail and advertising are so numerous it’s hard to keep track all of them all.  L’Oreal, Ikea, 19 Crimes, Ellen’s Game of Games, and so many others have already proven the impact AR can have on a brand or campaign.  If these stories aren’t convincing enough, just look at where the smart money is going—Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft are all investing heavily in AR.  The question now is can you as a marketer, advertiser or brand afford to be left behind when we hit the big tipping point?

If you’re not aware of its many use cases  you may wonder what makes AR such a powerful advertising tool.  Put simply, AR can take consumers directly to a website, or specific content; advertisers can engage users much more creatively bringing them directly to a video, commerce opportunity, or to an immersive experience.

AR can also dramatically increase engagement with products as well.   Along these lines, I am proud to share that our company will soon be launching  two new AR enhanced toys with our superpartners at What Kids Want  These toys use AR to provide children with exciting immersive experiences while at the same time employing time-honored  play patterns. Jordan Kort, CEO of What Kids Want, reached out to us to create a joint venture and together we created the beginning of what we all hope will be an extensive line of products. Jordan’s experience with toys is amazing and the collaboration was a great blend of his toy knowledge and our tech skills. We are looking forward to creating more amazing products in the coming months. Extra thanks to Caroline Kim for all her marketing help!

If you are planning to attend Augment World Expo this year in Santa Clara, clearly the premier event for AR, please do attend  my session “How to Make Money with XR” We’ll be addressing how to make money with AR. Well discuss real experiences, oriented to the addressable market, with the most innovative approach and flexibility to create instant AR experiences, together with a marketing-friendly financial model.

I will be available for meetings from 5/29 through 5/31 together with our Chairman Paran Johar.  We look forward to seeing you and learning about how we can help you incorporate AR into your brand and offerings.

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