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AR publishing in 3 easy steps under 5 minutes!

17 Aug 2021, Posted by William Newell in Technologies

As I’ve explained in the past, devising an AR strategy for your business is a complex process with many variables, but the good news is that with SparkWorks’ AR technology, publishing AR content is very simple!  What if you could spend your time designing, asking the right questions, leveraging AR across print media, objects, mobile applications, and your eCommerce/website without worrying about programming? At SparxWorks, we are 100% focused on making the process of publishing AR content simple, safe, fun, and measurable. I am going to show you how you can use image recognition to enhance print media in minutes….

Augmented Reality: Why do you need an AR strategy?

06 Aug 2021, Posted by William Newell in Technologies

Undoubtedly many businesses are asking themselves this very question, is AR a key part of our strategy moving forward? This, of course, is a very sensible question to ask. The simple answer is that you do need an AR strategy.   AR is, in a way, like the mobile revolution. It allows us to connect the world (physical) with the digital world in a way that VR could only dream of. When planning your strategy, there are a few suggestions I think you will find helpful.   Identify what the goal is. For example: Discover – Brand awareness, reach (views/impressions) Experience…

Augmented Reality – Can Ar Have A Meaningful Impact On Retail?

27 Jul 2021, Posted by William Newell in Technologies

  Can AR have a Meaningful Impact on Retail?   As many of you know, I run a company called SparxWorks Inc, which is focused on AR solutions for businesses.  One of my responsibilities at SparxWorks is to lead our Research and Innovation group. We explore use cases in many markets identifying goals, pain points, and areas of need to see how we can help. Today I’d like to focus on the retail market because it is one of the most pandemic-impacted sectors of the economy. And now, even as we are emerging (work in progress) from this unprecedented worldwide…