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03 Jan 2014, Posted by William Newell in Technologies


I have been operating North South Studios since September 25, 2004. I have worked in digital publishing and content development for many years. I have transitioned from CD-I, to CD- ROM, and endured the OS wars between Apple and Microsoft. Today I actively develop and produce mobile apps for iOS and Android (with Google replacing Microsoft in the latest operating system battlefield).

Having a software development company that functions like a small agency has provided me with amazing opportunities. I have worked on business oriented sites, learning products, interactive toys, games, mobile applications, implemented CMS’s and LMS’s, worked on Digital Rights Management, video streaming and more.

I think this is an exciting time for many Americans. We have an opportunity to revolutionize the way services are offered and delivered worldwide.

If you work in software or content development in the digital world you know that just when you think you have seen it all, wham! Something new just pops up. Sadly I have seen many businesses fail, and most of them for the same foreseeable reasons. I decided to start this blog because I wanted to share my experiences in digital publishing with young and established executives. I wanted to write about real best practices, results oriented techniques, and proven technologies. I have been blessed with meeting incredible smart and hardworking people; I plan on bringing their experiences into my blog as well.

I think this is an exciting time for many Americans. We have an opportunity to revolutionize the way services are offered and delivered worldwide. Publishing content about your experience, entertaining others, and monetizing your assets has never been easier, but with such amazing options, the road to success is indeed filled with peril at every corner.

I hope this blog helps readers save time and money, and contributes to their success. My goal is to make this a valuable timely resource for entrepreneurs, technical directors, project managers, and media executives.

I am grateful to you for taking your time to read this introductory posting. I promise you I will introduce you to a really cool and exciting technology in my next posting.  Your support and feedback is valued and appreciated.

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Next week, I wanted to share some tips on how to select and manage outsourcing services whether they be offered by US third party developers such as agencies, or by near or offshore development partners.  

  • Sarina Simon

    Congratulations, Billy. As someone who has long benefited from your insights, I look forward to future posts!

  • Sarina Simon

    Keep the insights coming!


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