May 2014

Need to Start a Movement?

27 May 2014, Posted by William Newell in Technologies

Have you ever had to start a campaign? You know, for a school or other worthy cause, or perhaps just a movement to make people aware of something? If you ever have you already know this is really hard work and often a labor of love. When you engage in these types of activities you have to face numerous challenges—how to get the word out, how to make it easy for people to participate, how to collect donations or engage in other styles of fund raising etc. Then you also need to be able to manage your supporters, followers, and…

Say Good bye to Batteries

13 May 2014, Posted by William Newell in Technologies

If you have travelled by air in recent years, you are probably familiar with this picture. You are the terminal, you pass through security, and now you are finally at your gate. Then you notice your smart phone is about to die. You think,”No big deal, I will charge it at the free charging island”. However, you soon realize ten or more people had the same idea and all the outlets are in use. Yes, my friends we live in the era of electronics. Whether it is your smart phone, tablet, laptop, or all of the above, we are more-connected…

Good News for Video Content Creators and Distributors

06 May 2014, Posted by William Newell in Technologies

For decades and up until recently, content creation was only within the reach of big studios, famous directors, and a handful of entrepreneurs who were able to get their content noticed. But luckily times change, and how video is consumed and produced has also changed. Look around you—young adults and teens are watching less TV and spending more time on mobile devices. They are still consuming lots of video but it is video produced by a wide range of providers, not just the traditional TV outlets. The new reality is that video production and consumption is more organic and decentralized….